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Social connectivity solutions are gaining immense traction in the marketplace and have become a cornerstone for many relationships between people around the world. The focus of these solutions is to connect people and facilitate socialization via the one billion PC users in the world. But what about the more than three billion mobile subscribers? They want the same social interaction on a device even more socially-oriented then their PC: the mobile phone. OnePIN’s flagship product, CallerXchange, fulfills this missing link, bringing social connectivity to the mobile phonebook.

Realizing that relationships between people span multiple countries, mobile network operators, and even handsets, OnePIN has developed patented technologies on a unique mobile platform that enables the service to work on every handset and network. 

OnePIN is the pioneer of the world’s first mobile social address book. OnePIN’s CallerXchange service transforms mobile phonebooks into dynamic social address books subscribers use to stay in touch with their growing social network of friends, family and business associates. CallerXchange is a person-to-person contact exchange service that connects people and enhances social networks, enabling subscribers to share their mobile, home and work numbers, e-mail address, blogs, social networking sites, etc. with just one click.

CallerXchange is fast becoming a strategic necessity for operators that want to capitalize on the revenue potential of the mobile phonebook. Its ease of use drives customer loyalty and increases average revenue per user (ARPU). Subscribers make more calls, send more SMS messages and IMs, use other value-added services, etc. as their social address books grow. Additionally, CallerXchange is easy to deploy and useful across all subscriber segments, enabling operators to gain a market advantage.

With millions of subscribers using CallerXchange to share contact information with one another in over 180 countries, CallerXchange is on its way to becoming the standard for mobile social address books. Mobile operator customers include America Móvil (Claro), Azercell, Baikalwestcom, Cable & Wireless, Etisalat, Globacom, Kcell, MTN, MTS, Orange, Tigo and Vodafone.

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, OnePIN has offices around the world, including in Brazil and Turkey. OnePIN is venture capital funded and has raised funds from FA Technology Ventures, Egan-Managed Capital, Greycroft Partners and Stage 1 Ventures.

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