About NetOne

NetOne is the first cellular network operator in Zimbabwe based on the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). The company was launched with 500 lines during the World Solar Summit in September 1996 in Harare. NetOne, a private company wholly owned by the government, was formed as a subsidiary of the Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (PTC) in 1996. Its main focus and objective was to introduce and offer mobile cellular telecommunications to complement the fixed line telecommunication services offered by PTC. Since then, service has been extended to all cities, towns, tourist resorts, mining, farming and rural areas. NetOne boasts of the widest coverage in Zimbabwe.

Apart from offering the basic telephone service, NetOne also offers supplementary and Value Added Services (VAS) e.g Vehicle Tracking System, Short Messaging Services (SMS), International Roaming, Mobile Fax, Broadband Services, Mobile Financial Services.