Source: CIO Applications Europe

Customer value management (CVM) and customer experience (CX) is a journey, not a destination. Aware of this fact, mobile network operators (MNOs) and other businesses, both large and small, are spending heavily on engaging their customers in an omni-channel manner. The aim is to deliver relevant experiences throughout the customer engagement lifecycle. However, the legacy engagement tools such as generic push notifications, SMSes, and emails fail to generate the interest and response rates that businesses aim to achieve. The lack of visibility into customer engagement is so much so that firms do not even know if the marketing messages are being read by an individual at all, let alone gaining insights into whether she or he is interested in the offer.

The Boston-based company, OnePIN, offers a cloud-based services platform that improves customer engagement and response ratios by enabling a real-time dialog between MNOs, enterprise, and small business and their subscribers/customers. “OnePIN creates a trusted Digital Assistant channel, enabling companies to establish a digital dialog and deliver top-screen messages to customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle,” says Feyzi Celik, President, and CEO of OnePIN. The two-way, interactive channel enables MNOs to interact with and collect feedback from customers in order to attain a 360-degree view of each customer. OnePIN’s channel can be dynamically initiated and phased in, allowing the MNOs to bridge gaps in their larger CRM endeavors as they make progress toward the seamless omni-channel experience.

“OnePIN detects specific network events and triggers automatically due to the integration into the mobile operator’s network, which results in the launching of automated customer journeys,” explains Celik. These automated triggers ensure relevant and contextual communications for customers, resulting in conversion rates that are often 10X – 60X higher than standard app push notifications or push SMS. Additionally, overall response rates see a marked improvement of more than 80 percent compared to other traditional engagement methodologies. More importantly, OnePIN’s services are device-agnostic and do not require a customer to download any application. The customers don’t even have to remember USSD codes, open emails, or set up chat sessions. In one instance, an MNO with more than 20 million subscribers utilized OnePIN’s solutions to convert prepaid subscribers to postpaid plans. The firm achieved a 24 percent conversion rate due to the simple interface and the ability to reach subscribers directly across all device types. OnePIN is delivering similar value to its clientele that spans global operators, including MTN, Orange, Vodafone, Telekom Austria Group, Airtel, and Cable and Wireless. These companies initiate connected conversations with mobile subscribers, launch digital welcome journeys, and enable virtually assisted digital sales by leveraging the contextual automation delivered by OnePIN.

OnePIN’s trigger-based engagement approach allows MNOs, enterprises, and small businesses to understand when communications are seen, and whether or not customers are interested in the offers. Businesses can avoid the unnecessary spending on false positives (customers mistakenly expected to respond to offers). “If customers are not interested in an offer, they can cancel OnePIN’s notifications, and these responses are returned to OnePIN’s platform for accurate targeting of customers.  More importantly, OnePIN’s solutions are able to then automatically determine the next best type of message to a mobile subscriber who indicates non-interest in a particular communication.” says Celik.

While expanding customer touchpoints is crucial today, if done in the wrong way, communication attempts can backfire or cause unintended consequences for a company.  Addressing this issue, OnePIN focuses on intelligent, contextual communications that provide personalized business-to-customer interactions based on customer needs.  MNOs and enterprises utilize OnePIN’s services to promote their existing digital channels and to further educate customers on how to use them. The unique capabilities built into OnePIN’s platform enable the display of a top-screen interactive message and can automatically guide a customer to a website or app store with one click. So OnePIN’s clients (especially MNOs) can incentivize mobile users to upgrade their phone or their existing plan, promote value-added-services, and ensure that customers are aware of important communications.

Enterprises and small businesses, specifically, can redefine their customer engagement by exploring the breadth of OnePIN’s services. To elaborate, they can allow their customers to add business phone numbers into their mobile phonebooks automatically—thus, connecting with the brand becomes easy. Businesses can also use OnePIN’s services to achieve other engagement goals including:  Enabling customers to follow the  brand or company easily on social media; launching a session with a chatbot to aid in self service; finding a branded app within the app store easily to drive downloads; adding a coupon to the digital wallet; and providing immediate, direct feedback with just a few clicks.

OnePIN’s innovations are based on universal mobile standards. Thus, mobile operators can easily deploy the solutions to their entire mobile subscriber base with little effort. Moreover, the communication is carried out in an encrypted manner based on the security standards defined in the mobile industry.

OnePIN has achieved an enviable position in the customer engagement industry due to its team of creative and dedicated individuals. “Everyone has a voice in our company, and we revere those who express their ideas,” says Celik. “We strive to make a difference not only in the industry but also for our clients and ourselves.” OnePIN has fostered a focus on innovation within the team, allowing the company to remain competitive for over a decade in an ever-changing landscape. “We have developed a reputation in the market for trustworthiness, attention to detail, and innovation,” Celik concludes.