April 20, 2011 — Westborough social address book creator OnePin Inc. has secured $1.2 million in funding, the company announced late Friday.

The funding follows a $900,000 round it raised in November 2011 from FA Technology Ventures, Stage 1 Ventures, and Egan-Managed Capital and brings the total round of financing to $25.5 million, according to the company. Not involved in the most recent round was previous investor Greycroft Partners, according to the company.

Listed as executive in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing is Founder and CEO Feyzi Celik. Prior to founding OnePIN, Celik served as president and CEO of the North American division of Koc Group, a $39.5 billion Fortune Global 500 company based in Istanbul.

Listed as directors in the filing are David Baum, general partner at Stage 1 Ventures; Kenneth Mabbs, managing partner, FA Technology Ventures and Joseph Winn, former American Power Conversion CFO and a consultant to emerging companies.

Founded in 2007, the privately held company provides its CallerXchange mobile technology to telecommunications operators enabling its mobile subscribers to create profiles and share the information when they make a call. Recipients of the message then add the caller’s contact information directly into their phonebook.