August 2021, Boston, MA – OnePIN, Inc. just announced that MTN Ghana has successfully launched OnePIN’s Xpression service.

In the digital age we are living in, the ability to call and send messages has become increasingly important. SMS messaging is now one of the most preferred ways to interact because of its simplicity and convenience while connecting with others. However, it still takes time to write messages and send them to other parties. The increase in technology has also made communications between people more impersonal and callers cannot connect with others as easily. This makes it challenging to share emotions and relate to one another.

With Xpression, OnePIN allows users to express themselves beyond their initial SMS or phone call. Users are able to quickly share their thoughts and emotions with their callers after completing a trigger event, such as a phone call or business card exchange, on their devices. Through this frictionless service, there is now a way to create and maintain the most valuable connections with users’ contacts. Users are able to select an emoji, message, quote, or joke that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Within this launch, 20 million mobile subscribers of MTN Ghana who have the Digital Assistant service will have access to Xpression.

About OnePIN, Inc.

OnePIN, Inc., the world’s leading provider of User Engagement services for Mobile Network Operators. OnePIN creates universal, interactive user engagement channels for mobile operators that drive revenue, core service retention, and advertising opportunities from user behaviors and network events. OnePIN’s Cloud is an intelligent user engagement platform that integrates into the Mobile Operator’s Customer Value Management and Customer Relationship Management systems to offer a universal user experience tailored to the mobile subscriber’s context.

The intelligence of the service platform ensures that the appropriate services can be offered at the right time and place, specific to each individual mobile customer, and agnostic of the handset or if a smartphone application is installed. The Company’s services are currently deployed to over 650 million mobile subscribers, across 15 countries spanning seven of the world’s largest mobile operator groups. OnePIN is headquartered in Boston with offices around the globe.

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