MaXapp is an application download boosting service.  It allows MNOs to target groups of subscribers and promote the download of strategic applications either within their own app store or within other stores based on the MNO’s objectives.

How MaXapp Works


Subscriber Value

  • Subscribers receive timely notifications of new and useful applications specific to their device type that are ready to download.
  • Easy “remind me later” and opt-out options

Icon_OperatorValueOperator Value

  • Operators increase their data revenues by driving downloads of new applications.
  • MNOs can push strategic applications to a targeted base of subscribers.

Icon_WhoPaysWho pays to use the service

  • This service is offered to subscribers for free. Subscribers pay for data plans enabling application downloads and additional data use as required by the downloaded applications.

Icon_MarketEnvironmentMarket Environment and Trend

  • Smartphones are penetrating all segments of the mobile market and data packages are becoming a “need” when subscribers consider their personal budgets.  Providing useful applications in a targeted manner that are easy to access is a key factor in growing and maintaining a loyal subscriber base.