X’ello! is OnePIN’s dynamic digital onboarding and account activation service. This top-screen service enables Mobile Network Operators to directly welcome, engage, and onboard new customers with ease. When subscribers activate their mobile service for the first time, OnePIN’s activation service can automatically appear at a preconfigured scheduled time, allowing the Mobile Operator to intelligently guide the mobile user through various onboarding journeys based on the subscriber segment type, and subsequently welcome them to the network. This top-screen experience can be delivered as a priority communication during Apple iOS and Android device activation processes.

User journeys are highly configurable based on Mobile Operator needs and strategic onboarding objectives.  As an example, Mobile Operators can guide the subscriber through a registration or self serve sign-up process, allowing the Operator to collect necessary subscriber information such as name, email, and zip code or address. Alternatively, Mobile Operators have the capability to direct the mobile customer to a welcome video which summarizes the customer’s services.  Or the Mobile Operator may want to promote a specific application download during the onboarding process.  Both the Mobile Operator and subscriber benefit from this digitized experience, eliminating the need for a manual registration process. The flow can be designed to accommodate ease of exiting the journey, or can be designed with various levels of persistence. For example, the service can be configured to guide the user through a specific journey prior to the user being able to use their mobile phone to make a standard call. This ensures that the Mobile Operator is able to obtain necessary information from the subscriber and welcome them to the network.


Subscriber Value

  • Subscribers can simply and conveniently initiate mobile service through this digital registration process.

Icon_OperatorValueOperator Value

  • X’ello! reduces calls made to customer service departments by enabling simple self-service journeys through informative screens, resulting in lower customer service costs for the Mobile Operator.
  • The Mobile Operator has more control over the subscriber’s initial account activation, registration and onboarding process.
  • The Mobile Operator can collect information about the subscriber through surveys, suggest application downloads, and guide the user to personalized content such as a welcome video.

Icon_WhoPaysWho pays to use the service

  • The Mobile Operator pays to use this service
  • This service is offered free to mobile subscribers

Icon_MarketEnvironmentMarket Environment and Trend

  • Current regulations require operators to collect more information from subscribers during the activation process. X’ello! helps Mobile Operators to seamlessly collect necessary information.
  • Customer service calls are very expensive for the Mobile Operator. The automation of customer service provides the customer with help at contextually relevant times. X’ello! conveniently guides subscribers through self-service user journeys at a time when the user is new to the network.