MediaX is a user engagement service for Content and Media providers. The service enables the promotion of content and media to mobile customers via a “Digital Assistant,” helping customers choose, purchase and renew content subscriptions. The service is available to any mobile customer within a specific Mobile Operator’s network who has the OnePIN Digital Assistant service.

OnePIN’s MediaX provides value to content providers, mobile operators, and subscribers. It is seamless, user friendly, and allows subscribers to access digital content with a simple opt-in process. Through OnePIN’s digital screens, operators are able to advertise effectively for the content providers as well as give the providers a platform to increase subscriptions.

Icon_SubscriberValueSubscriber Value

  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Subscribers can opt-in to premium digital content right from their mobile phones.

Icon_OperatorValueOperator Value

  • Operator generates revenue by providing new innovative advertising for content providers and by increasing data usage.
  • Content providers have access to prime mobile real estate.

Icon_WhoPaysWho pays to use the service

  • Subscribers pay content providers for the services and content offered.
  • Media companies pay an access fee for promoting via MediaX.

Icon_MarketEnvironmentMarket Environment and Trend

  • The advertising waste is very large for mobile. MediaX provides superior mobile advertising targeting and eliminates waste.
  • Digital content is becoming mainstream; mobile customers want more content on their devices.
  • Content providers do not have the mechanism to effectively promote their digital content to mobile customers.
  • Digital content marketing is a growing market, full of opportunity.