Customer Engagement

OnePIN’s Digital Assistant for MNOs drives data usage, enables downloads of new applications, boosts top-ups, reduces churn, and generates revenue through digital value added services. With OnePIN’s services, MNOs can interact with and collect feedback from customers along with bridge gaps in their CRM/CVM operations to make progress toward the seamless omni-channel experience.

OnePIN’s Digital Assistant enables companies to establish a digital dialog and deliver top-screen messages to customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle. The Digital Assistant detects specific network events and triggers a response due to the integration into the mobile operator’s network. OnePIN’s trigger-based engagement approach allows MNOs, enterprises, and small businesses to understand when communications are seen; helping operators reach their consumers with automated journeys at more contextually relevant times. 

Customer Value Management

OnePIN’s Customer Value Management services provide mobile operators with a unique channel to advertise their network services (e.g. data plans, roaming plans) as well as advertise brands, content and media via a unified interface where transactions can be made by subscribers with one-click.

Digital Services

OnePIN is the leading provider of mobile social phonebook and missed call services. Our solutions have connected over half a billion mobile subscribers driving value added service revenue for mobile operators.

Network Services

We provide mobile network analytic services to Mobile Operators. NetMetriX measures and maps network quality and coverage. Our services enhance mobile operator’s customer service capabilities by analyzing the network quality.


Digital Business Card Exchange


Missed-call Messaging and Call Completion Services


Content Sharing Service


Personalized Messaging Service