SocialLinX™ gives brands the ability to connect with their customers on Social Media and engage on a deeper level. Brands can offer customers their ability to follow their valued Brands on Social Media after an interaction with the customer.

Make every interaction a Brand builder and achieve a 24% engagement rate with SocialLinX™.

Icon_SubscriberValueSubscriber Value

  • Subscribers are able to connect to relevant Brands at the right moment and participate in promotions and special offers on Social Media.

Icon_OperatorValueOperator and Brand Value

  • Operators increase their data revenues by driving mobile Social Media usage.
  • Brands establish deeper relationships with their customers by increasing their Social Media following.

Icon_WhoPaysWho pays to use the service

  • This service is offered to the Brand’s customers for free.
  • Brands pay per a transaction fee for each successful engagement by the customer.

Icon_MarketEnvironmentMarket Environment and Trend

  • Brands must have a mobile advertising strategy in order to continue relationships with their consumer base. Mobility is key. Companies are looking for creative ways to engage with their consumers via mobile, and to grow their base of followers on Social Media.