Gas Stations

Gas Station

OnePIN’s Digital Assistant provides a seamless and convenient way to increase sales and collect feedback from customers at your gas station. By reaching customers directly on their mobile device, OnePIN’s services eliminate friction and provide an unmatched customer experience. By promoting app downloads, the digital assistant works to enable digital payments which make your gas station a quick and convenient stop for customers. By offering deals and promotions, OnePIN’s services drive more traffic to your station and create loyal customers. Our services are effective in ensuring your station is the premier gas station for your customers. 

Partner with mobile operators in your country to identify and digitize crucial customer touchpoints. OnePIN’s services will provide the highest response rates as compared to other marketing channels (email, push SMS, etc.). OnePIN’s screens are triggered on customer’s mobile devices based on events happening in your customer value management systems, using moments where your customer is already engaged with your brand to your advantage. 

Engage with OnePIN’s mobile services to leverage your CRM data to reduce operational costs, grow revenues, boost profitability, and improve customer retention. Being able to reach customers at the right moment with the right context will allow you to identify customer characteristics and behaviors. This information can be utilized in a variety of ways across your business to improve the customer engagement journey with fast and simple interactions, personalized connections, and added value in your services for the customer. OnePIN’s mobile services provide an incremental technology enhancement to your existing customer value management solutions, allowing your business to gradually provide improved services to your customers with up to date technology. In properly analyzing the customer journey, OnePIN helps your company identify the right digital channels to use to target your customers and allows you to engage in long term planning for the success of your business.  

OnePIN’s services, with 100% reach on all phones, create opportunities for customers to carry your brand on their mobile devices right in their pockets, allowing your business to reach them at the right moment.