ZeroX enables subscribers with zero balance to request call backs or balance transfers. 

ZeroX is a personalized call back service subscribers can use when they are not able to top-up their zero balance cards. The service reduces subscriber churn and generates more voice and SMS traffic for MNOs.

Icon_SubscriberValueSubscriber Value

  • Easy to use: Automatically prompts when a call or SMS is attempted but the subscriber has a no balance
  • Conveniently appears (no need to remember a short code or USSD string)
  • Uses personalized info (name and phone number) to inform the recipient that a known friend is trying to reach them.

Icon_OperatorValueOperator Value

  • Operators increase voice and SMS traffic by enabling a simple and reliable return call mechanism
  • The service only works for subscribers with zero balance; thereby preventing misuse
  • Reduces churn – as subscribers hold onto their SIM cards until they are able to top-up.

Icon_WhoPaysWho pays to use the service

  • This service is offered to subscribers for free.   Recipients of ZeroX messages can call or text back to the sender – generating standard voice and SMS revenue for the MNO.

Icon_MarketEnvironmentMarket Environment and Trend

  • MNOs have large proportions of prepaid users. These subscribers often do not remember or are not able to top-up their balances when they need to make calls or send SMS. Having a solution that allows these subscribers to connect ensures they keep their SIM longer and generates more billable traffic.