MsgXpress service allows mobile subscribers quickly send personalized messages after missed calls.

How MsgXpress Works

Icon_SubscriberValueSubscriber Value

  • Easy to use (1-click to send a personalized msg.)
  • Conveniently appears (no need for menus)
  • Standard messages can be personalized
  • Informs the receiving party why a call was made
  • Auto Opt-out when the service is not being used

Icon_OperatorValueOperator Value

Operators generate two revenue streams:

  • VAS revenue with each message;
  • Increase “return call” rate and revenue.

Icon_WhoPaysWho pays to use the service

  • Subscribers pay an out-of-bundle SMS price (typically at the value of an SMS) to send a message.

Icon_MarketEnvironmentMarket Environment and Trend

  • Voicemail usage rates are decreasing every year due to messaging services.
  • Network-based “Call Back” services have not been effective in generating large scale call-back rates.