July 02, 2010 — Vodafone Turkey will soon be making “Vodafone MicroSIM” available to its subscribers base. These SIM cards are specifically prepared for iPad and iPhone 4. These MicroSIMs will be compatible with both devices will be available at 974 Vodafone stores.

Vodafone, Worlds leader in mobile telecommunication, continues to present its innovative solutions to the Turkish market. Both iPad and IPhone 4 users will be able to surf the Internet without any limitations using Vodafone’s 3G network.

With the help of unique applications and services available on the Vodafone MicroSIMs, iPad and iPhone 4 users will be able to download rich Internet content with ease while accessing their emails quickly. New MicroSIMs will have phonebook back up capability. With the help of CallerXchange (Kartvizitim) service, contacts will be stored in one location.

Yücel Kubanç, Head of Terminals at Vodafone Turkey, explained that although iPad and iPhone 4 is not available for sale in Turkey yet, the new Vodafone MicroSIMs are designed with special features for Vodafone subscribers who are using these devices in Turkey and are available now.

Kubanc remarked, “We are making sure that Vodafone Micro SIMs are available in our stores prior to the sale of these devices. Our mission is to provide Vodafone services to those subscribers who purchased these devices through other means. As Vodafone, our mission is to provide an excellent 3G service experience to all subscribers whose needs are different. We provided Vodemnet service within the same program. Vodemnet provides easy and affordable internet access (hourly, weekly or monthly) to prepaid and post paid subscriber base. Now, we are presenting Vodafone MicroSIMs. iPad and iPhone 4 subscribers will be able to access internet with Vodafone’s 3G speed. In addition, MicroSIMs will provide easy phonebook back up. MicroSIMs will also include CallerXchange (Kartvizit) service which will bring ease to our subscribers’ life by automatic contact information exchange with each other. The service also helps subscribers store their contacts in a single location.”