Customer Results Prove that CallerXchange Builds Phonebooks and Directly Drives Phonebook Backup Usage

Boston, MA. March 20, 2012— In conjunction with MTN, a major mobile operator offering services throughout the AMEA region, OnePIN announced customer research demonstrating how mobile operators are able to double the market uptake of their phonebook backup services with OnePIN’s CallerXchange service.

Phonebook backup is a key tool to retain subscribers, and many mobile operators have had backup solutions available for years. However, operators struggle to improve uptake and usage of their backup services, especially as internet and handset companies gain control of subscriber services.

OnePIN’s contact exchange service, CallerXchange, has proven to enhance the uptake and performance of existing phonebook backup services when both services are offered by a mobile operator.

A customer study was conducted to determine the impact of CallerXchange when it was launched with existing phonebook backup services. The data was gathered from an installed base of nearly 2 million subscribers. The period of evaluation spanned more than a full year from commercial launch to account for outliers and to ensure solid study results.

CallerXchange proved to create larger phonebooks and to boost phonebook backup usage – including the frequency the service was used as well as the number of contacts actually backed up using the service.

Usage data was gathered from two groups of phonebook backup users: Those who also had and used the CallerXchange service, and those who did not. CallerXchange and phonebook backup together generate significantly higher results when compared to launching phonebook backup alone:

Higher Uptake Penetration:

The phonebook backup service uptake rate was twice as high for subscribers who were also active CallerXchange users. The uptake rate defines the percentage of the installed base who actively used the backup service. Because CallerXchange was adding more contacts into subscribers’ phonebooks, a larger number of subscribers decided to backup their newly built contact books.

Greater Usage:

Monthly backups per user were 20% higher for subscribers with the CallerXchange service. In addition, repeat service usage for phonebook backup was 28% higher for users who also utilized the CallerXchange service.

Bigger Phonebooks:

Besides driving usage and penetration, subscribers who utilized both services had backed up phonebooks that were 2.6 times larger than those with phonebook backup only. Also, users with both services backed up 64% more contacts with each backup event compared to those who utilized phonebook backup only.

CallerXchange has proven to be one of the top revenue generating value added services across multiple customers where it has been launched, and this study further strengthens the service’s broad strategic value for MNOs.

When coupled with phonebook backup services, CallerXchange can deliver a “one-two” strategic punch: CallerXchange helps subscribers grow the number of socially relevant contacts stored in their phonebooks. Phonebook backup helps keep these important contacts safe, secure and accessible. Both services together drive significant VAS revenues for the mobile operator.


About OnePIN, Inc.
OnePIN is the world leader in social address book solutions for mobile operators. OnePIN’s technology transforms mobile phonebooks into social address books, improving customer retention while increasing voice and data revenue for mobile operators. OnePIN’s CallerXchange is a person-to-person contact exchange service that connects people and enhances social networks. With one click, using any mobile phone, CallerXchange enables subscribers to leverage their mobile social address books as the hub for their social networking. CallerXchange is currently being deployed to over 150 million mobile subscribers across all handset models within seven of the world’s largest mobile operator groups. OnePIN is headquartered in Boston with offices around the globe.

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