Mobile social address book service to enable subscribers to extend social networks with one click after phone calls

Boston, MA. October 4, 2011— Mobile network operator Etisalat has signed a contract for the commercial distribution of CallerXchange. Etisalat operates in 18 countries across Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and is the 16th largest Mobile network operator in the world with a total customer base of more than 135 million. Etisalat plans to start the distribution of CallerXchange to its mobile subscribers in Benin under the Moov brand.

Etisalat subscribers will be able to extend their social networks with one-click after phone calls thanks to CallerXchange, OnePIN’s contact exchange service. This peer-to-peer service, branded as Moovcarte de Visite, is allowing users to easily connect and stay connected to friends, family and business associates – enhancing the value of mobile phonebooks.

With CallerXchange, Etisalat subscribers can choose to exchange contact information immediately after a phone call. Once a subscriber completes a basic profile of contact information, he or she can choose to send this information to new friends or colleagues the next time they call a new friend. Recipients of a CallerXchange message can easily click to add their friend’s contact information directly into their phonebook. CallerXchange automatically ensures that contact information in subscribers’ phonebooks is kept up to date, allowing subscribers to keep in touch with friends and colleagues even if their information changes over time.

“The launch of CallerXchange at Etisalat will enable millions of subscribers to transform phone calls to friends into social connections. As one of the leading operators in the region, we are excited to help Etisalat subscribers enhance their social networks by using CallerXchange to stay connected to more friends and have more ways to connect to each friend.” said OnePIN CEO and founder Feyzi Çelik.

About OnePIN, Inc.
OnePIN is the world leader in social address book solutions for mobile operators. OnePIN’s technology transforms mobile phonebooks into social address books, improving customer retention while increasing voice and data revenue for mobile operators. OnePIN’s CallerXchange is a person-to-person contact exchange service that connects people and enhances social networks. With one click, using any mobile phone, CallerXchange enables subscribers to leverage their mobile social address books as the hub for their social networking. CallerXchange is currently being deployed to over 130 million mobile subscribers across all handset models within the world’s largest mobile operator groups. OnePIN is headquartered in Boston with offices around the globe.

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