September 2021, Boston, MA – OnePIN announced that Feyzi Celik, President and CEO of OnePIN, Inc., joined the “Corp-up Middle East” webinar as a speaker and panelist.

The event was co-hosted by Match-Maker Ventures and Arthur D. Little, with a focus on examining scaleup-corporate collaborations in the region. The event aimed to examine the phenomenon of scaleup-corporate collaboration (Corp-up) in the Middle East, as well as regional trends surrounding scaleups and startups and the key elements needed to get maximum impact from every collaboration.

The first portion of the event was an interview of Dogu Kır, CMO at Vodafone Albania, and Feyzi Celik, President and CEO, OnePIN and moderated by Nicolai Schattgen, CEO, Match-Maker Ventures. The interview topic was “A successful example of Corp-up” and the conversation was gathered around the successful deployment of OnePIN’s BoosterX service at Vodafone Turkey.

While discussing the success of the partnership, Dogu Kır stated “… it is clearly a successful collaboration [with OnePIN], both for creating incremental revenue for the company and also for better experience for [Vodafone Turkey’s] customers.” He also mentioned that “… the key enabler of our success was the sponsorship of top management, because at the end of the day […] both parties believed in this dream and gave their commitment, and that was the key success factor here.”

Feyzi Çelik continued the conversation by expressing the symbiotic relationship that OnePIN and Vodafone Turkey have created together. He emphasized the importance of both corporations having the same drive and goals when entering a project in order to create a lasting and positive partnership.

While discussing the reason behind the collaboration between OnePIN, Inc. and Vodafone Turkey, Feyzi Çelik stated that, “Top management was really pushing forward for change, and that was the magic sauce for the collaboration.” He also included that, “these partnerships take time…so patience is the most important part of the Corp-up strategy.”

The final panel discussion of the event centered around “How to make it happen”.  The participants were Salvatore Traina, Group CTO, Virgin Middle East & Africa, Ramana Kumar, CEO, Magnati, Feyzi Celik, CEO, OnePIN, and Dogu Kır,  CMO, Vodafone Albania. The panel was moderated by Hany Aly, Middle East Venture Partner, Match-Maker Ventures.

The panel discussed how scale-ups can partner with corporations and achieve a successful service deployment. Each participant shared their own ideas and experiences about the topic. A key topic of conversation through this panel discussion was that “scaleups are required for established players to quickly establish new capabilities.” An example of this is the success of the Pfizer and BioNTech partnership when developing the Covid-19 vaccine.

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