Boston, MA. August 4, 2015 Building on the success of their flagship solution CallerXchange, OnePIN, Inc., announced the commercial release of AdXecutive™, a unique mobile advertising service within the company’s SIMplicity Cloud offering.

AdXecutive™ is a phonebook advertising service for businesses. The service allows subscribers to add important phone numbers (such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, etc.) directly into their phonebooks, and provides a unique advertising opportunity for brands. Owning a place in subscribers’ phonebooks is highly valuable – and an often overlooked part of a brand’s mobile strategy.

Additionally, AdXecutive can deliver customized prompts tailored for specific subscriber groups.  This approach is very attractive to advertisers, and mobile operators are able to charge a higher “per-impression” rate for these mobile phonebook advertisements delivered using the AdXecutive platform.

Mobile advertising is becoming key for brands, but traditional SMS ads are not meeting expectations. Additionally, operators are not benefiting from in-app advertising offered by free applications.  “Mobile phonebook advertising is an untapped market opportunity both for operators and for brands,” noted Andrea Goodwin, Director of Product Management at OnePIN.  “AdXecutive fills this need and creates a unique potential for brands and operators. No other service in the market is able to unlock an advertising opportunity in the phonebook.  Brands are able to extend their relationship with consumers and can provide their customers with a convenient channel to interact.”

Unlike other mobile advertising solutions which often feel like spam to the subscriber because the ads are not necessarily targeted or relevant, AdXecutive allows Enterprises to automatically target only interested parties. After subscribers call a business (for example, Hilton hotels to make a reservation), the service sends a notification to the subscriber asking if the user would like to add the Hilton phone number into their mobile phonebook.  When subscribers select “OK” the phone number is automatically added – no typing, no additional steps, and no further web-surfing needed.   Businesses that hold a place in the phonebook understand that they often become a de facto choice for subscribers simply because of the connection and communication convenience.


About OnePIN, Inc.

OnePIN is the world’s leading provider of mobile social call connectivity and social address book solutions. OnePIN’s SIMplicity Cloud includes CallerXchange®, MsgXpress™, AdXecutive™, BoosterX™, SurveyXpert™, and MaXapp.™ The platform enables mobile operators to enhance the strategic value of phone calls and phonebooks. The Company’s services are currently being deployed to over 299 million mobile subscribers across all handset models in 17 countries and 24 mobile operators spanning seven of the world’s largest mobile operator groups.  OnePIN is headquartered in Boston with offices around the globe.

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