Boston, MA. November 10, 2015 – Continuing with a series of commercial launches for innovative cloud-based services, OnePIN, Inc. announced today the release of SocialLinX™, a mobile social media service for Enterprises.

With SocialLinX, brands have the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of their Social Networking communication channels with customers. Subscribers who are using social networks can receive invitations from brands to connect on Facebook and to follow them on Twitter (or other social networking sites).  Notifications are all relevant and timely for subscribers as they only receive invitations for brands that interest them.

SocialLinX focuses on enhancing the relationship a brand or enterprise has with a consumer. SocialLinX works in conjunction with OnePIN’s existing CallerXchange service, which has been commercially launched in 17 different countries in 23 mobile operators. When a subscriber enters his social networking information into his CallerXchange profile, the SIMplicity Cloud is able to then determine if that particular subscriber is a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. user.  The Cloud remembers this information.

When these same subscribers make a phone call to a brand (such as calling to make a restaurant reservation), the Cloud checks to determine if the subscriber is active on any social networks and then sends a message to the subscriber inviting him to connect to the brand just called on social networking sites. Brands are able to enhance their relationship with interested consumers, who in turn are able to follow brands using their own preferred social networking sites.  Promotions, new product and service launches, coupons, discounts, and new information can all be shared with the consumer on the social networking site – making it a valuable resource for the mobile subscriber and giving them a good reason to connect to the brand.

Subscribers self-select brands that are relevant to them, because they receive invitations only for brands they have called. Additionally, brands can target groups of subscribers using specific social networks (tracked by the SIMplicity Cloud platform), via a campaign based approach.  With this approach, a set number of subscribers who are known social networking users are targeted at a specific time.

The launch of the service is timely, given that brands are now recognizing that they must have a mobile advertising strategy in order to continue relationships with their consumer base. Mobility is key.  Companies are looking for creative ways to engage with their consumers via mobile, and to grow their base of followers on social media sites.



About OnePIN, Inc.

OnePIN is the world’s leading provider of mobile social call connectivity and social address book solutions. OnePIN’s SIMplicity Cloud includes CallerXchange®, MsgXpress™, AdXecutive™, BoosterX™, SurveyXpert™, and MaXapp.™ The platform enables mobile operators to enhance the strategic value of phone calls and phonebooks. The Company’s services are currently being deployed to over 299 million mobile subscribers across all handset models in 17 countries and 24 mobile operators spanning seven of the world’s largest mobile operator groups.  OnePIN is headquartered in Boston with offices around the globe.

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