Boston, MA. April 7, 2015 – OnePIN, Inc., announced the release of SurveyXpert™ –an after-call information gathering service for Enterprises. The service is now commercially available in all markets.

SurveyXpert enables enterprises and small businesses to collect immediate customer feedback and determine customer service satisfaction levels when consumers call into a business line from a mobile phone.   The service automatically detects that a specific phone number for a business or enterprise was dialed by the mobile subscriber.   At the end of the phone call, the mobile subscriber is prompted to answer several survey questions that could be related to the level of service received, feelings about the call, general customer service satisfaction, general product or service feedback, inquiries or interest about new products, and inquiries related to receiving future promotions or service information.  With a few simple taps on their screen, subscribers are able to provide immediate feedback in an ultra-efficient manner.

“Measuring customer satisfaction and service performance is becoming more important in an increasingly automated customer service environment,” noted Christopher DeGrace, Vice President of Products and Alliances. “With SurveyXpert, consumers have a highly effective way to engage with Enterprises and provide direct feedback related to the level of perceived service received.  Enterprises can also utilize the service to collect valuable market insights.”

SurveyXpert’s effectiveness lies within the simplicity of its design. Consumers are already engaged with a brand, and can provide immediate feedback at a relevant time while the experience is still fresh in their mind, using a device they always have with them – their mobile phone.

SurveyXpert is one of many services available via OnePIN’s SIMplicity Cloud. For more details, contact OnePIN.


About OnePIN, Inc.

OnePIN is the world’s leading provider of mobile social call connectivity and social address book solutions. OnePIN’s SIMplicity Cloud includes CallerXchange®, MsgXpress™, AdXecutive™, BoosterX™, SurveyXpert™, MaXapp™, SocialLinX™, and ZeroX™. The platform enables mobile operators to enhance the strategic value of phone calls and phonebooks. The Company’s services are currently being deployed to over 240 million mobile subscribers across all handset models in 17 countries and 24 mobile operators spanning seven of the world’s largest mobile operator groups.  OnePIN is headquartered in Boston with offices around the globe.

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