OnePIN receives recognition for innovative technology offerings and unparalleled commitment to customer success

Boston, MA. October 16, 2019 – OnePIN, Inc., the world’s leading provider of Digital User Engagement services for mobile network operators, announced that they have been recognized as one of the “Top 10 Customer Experience Management Solution Companies” in 2019 by CIO Applications Europe magazine.

“The success of OnePIN’s solutions is evidenced by the tangible and clearly quantifiable results we’ve delivered to our customers to date. Our business models dictate a shared responsibility for success – which has helped foster a culture of continuous innovation and a results-based mindset within our organization,” notes Feyzi Celik, OnePIN’s President and CEO. These customer results include increasing ARPU (Average Revenue per User) by 17%, exceeding digital sales uptake rates by more than 20X when compared to existing channels, reducing calls into call centers, and streamlining customer onboarding processes.

OnePIN’s customer experience solutions create universal and interactive top-screen experiences for mobile customers. OnePIN’s services are unique because they are able to connect with mobile consumers at contextually relevant times based on intelligent triggers within the OnePIN platform.

“OnePIN’s platform offers powerful automation via triggering events that are not common to any other platform – as OnePIN has a unique advantage of being integrated into the Mobile Operator’s SIM and network. We create a highly interactive digital pathway across the entire mobile subscriber lifecycle. In doing so, we’re improving customer engagement and operational efficiencies for our Mobile Operator customers. We’re simplifying an MNO’s backend via sales automation, customer service, and marketing. And beyond driving digital process automation across a wide array of use cases, we’re simply creating an overall better experience for the end subscriber,” said Andrea Goodwin, Director of Product Management.

OnePIN’s focus on creating a more personalized and streamlined customer experience has allowed Mobile Operators to implement an effective digital communication channel with consumers that drives greater response rates and more insightful feedback. OnePIN’s unique ability to understand when a communication was actually seen by the customer, but then subsequently ignored has helped Operators determine the next most relevant action that should be provided to the consumer – making OnePIN a powerful part of any enterprises’ customer relationship management processes and technology platforms.

OnePIN helps make customer experience more intelligent, nimble, flexible and personal. With smarter engagements, more meaningful interactions, and consistently superior results in terms of response rates and uptake rates when compared to existing channels used, OnePIN has become a clear choice for Mobile Operators. The company has been recognized as a top provider in the CEM space because of the universality of its solutions – OnePIN can reach subscribers on any mobile device type including iOS and Android phones, as well as older non-smart feature phones and even tablets. The global Mobile Operator market has also recognized OnePIN’s unique ability to gather intelligence both from the network and from the mobile device and to use the information to successfully power new consumer experiences and workflows that are highly effective, as evidenced by the company’s success metrics.

OnePIN’s Digital Engagement and Customer Experience solutions are commercially live in many of the largest mobile operator groups within the global industry, including A1 Telekom, Airtel, Cable & Wireless, Globacom, MTN, Orange and Vodafone Group companies.

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About OnePIN, Inc.
OnePIN is the world’s leading provider of Digital User Engagement services for mobile operators. OnePIN’s Digital Assistant drives core revenues, customer retention, and advertising opportunities from user behaviors and network events.
The Company’s services are currently deployed to over 400 million mobile subscribers across 15 countries. OnePIN is headquartered in Boston with offices around the globe.