Boston, MA. November 7, 2017 –OnePIN, Inc., the world’s leading provider of User Engagement services for Mobile Network Operators, today announced that another Vodafone entity has launched OnePIN’s SIMplicity Cloud Services.  KKTC Telsim, a subsidiary of the global Vodafone Group, has launched OnePIN’s CallerXchange® and MsgXpress™ services to its subscribers in Northern Cyprus.

Telsim has long been an innovator, being the first GSM operator in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.  Telsim currently holds a 43% market share, and continues to be a major player with its current focus on new services.

“As we continue to expand throughout central Europe, we look for partners who focus on innovation. We are excited about the success our services are generating for another Vodafone entity. Both CallerXchange and MsgXpress are strategic in that they are universal services that drive additional VAS revenue for Telsim across the entire subscriber base. We are also happy to continue growing our  relationship with the Vodafone Group, adding another subsidiary to our customer base,” noted Feyzi Celik, OnePIN’s President and CEO.

CallerXchange, OnePIN’s flagship service, is a person-to-person business card exchange service that connects people and enhances social networks. Subscribers can easily share and update their contact information after phone calls.  The phonebook is one of the most universally used applications on the phone, and quietly continues to be a strategic play for mobile network operators.  MsgXpress is a missed call service that allows subscribers to quickly and easily send dynamic, personalized messages with a single click immediately after missed calls.  Both services generate premium value added service revenue for MNOs, in addition to helping to reduce subscriber churn.

About OnePIN, Inc.

OnePIN, Inc., the world’s leading provider of User Engagement services for Mobile Network Operators. OnePIN creates universal, interactive user engagement channels for mobile operators that drive revenue, core service retention, and advertising opportunities from user behaviors and network events. OnePIN’s SIMplicity Cloud is an intelligent user engagement platform that uses machine learning and data integration into the Mobile Operator’s Customer Value Management / CRM systems to offer a universal user experience tailored to the mobile subscriber’s context. The intelligence of the service platform ensures that the appropriate services can be offered at the right time and place, specific to each individual mobile customer, and agnostic of the handset or if a smart phone application is installed. The Company’s services are currently deployed to over 300 million mobile subscribers, across 20 countries and 30 mobile operators spanning seven of the world’s largest mobile operator groups. OnePIN is headquartered in Boston with offices around the globe.

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