OnePIN’s services provide the tools to build a digital and connected city. With timely and informative reminders regarding town events and elections, citizens are informed and engaged in the community. OnePIN’s digital assistant services also provide reminders for trash pick ups, helping residents remain on top of housekeeping even with a busy schedule. OnePIN’s services foster innovation and connection in cities and towns.

Partner with mobile operators in your country to identify and digitize crucial user touchpoints. OnePIN’s services will provide the highest response rates as compared to other marketing channels (email, push SMS, etc.). OnePIN’s screens are triggered on user’s mobile devices based on events happening in user systems, capitalizing on moments where users are already engaged.

Being able to reach users at the right moment with the right context will allow you to build a more connected city. Information learned from using OnePIN’s services can be utilized to intelligently target users to keep them informed and engaged. OnePIN’s mobile services provide an incremental technology enhancement to your existing user data, allowing you to gradually provide improved services to users with up to date technology. In properly analyzing the users journey, OnePIN helps you identify the right digital channels to use to target users and allows you to elevate the users experience and increase engagement.

OnePIN’s Digital Assistant, with 100% reach on all mobile phones, creates opportunities for users to maintain connection on their mobile devices right in their pockets, allowing you to reach them at the right moment.