OnePIN’s Digital Assistant helps your salon become the preferred service provider. OnePIN provides a channel for customers to add your salon to their mobile phonebook with a single click, helping your salon gain valuable mobile real estate. This is a unique mobile advertising opportunity, as customers are more likely to engage with businesses that are already in their phonebooks. OnePIN’s services prompt the customer with appointment reminders and check-ins, as well as opportunities for them to connect with your business on social media. 

Partner with mobile operators in your country to identify and digitize crucial customer touchpoints. OnePIN’s services will provide the highest response rates as compared to other marketing channels (email, push SMS, etc.). OnePIN’s screens are triggered on customer’s mobile devices based on events happening in your customer value management systems, using moments where your customer is already engaged with your brand to your advantage. 

Engage with OnePIN’s mobile services to leverage your CRM data to reduce operational costs, grow revenues, boost profitability, and improve customer retention. Being able to reach customers at the right moment with the right context will allow you to identify customer characteristics and behaviors. This information can be utilized in a variety of ways across your business: expanded customer databases, more frequently utilized digital channels, and improved point-of-sale systems. OnePIN’s mobile services provide an incremental technology enhancement to your existing customer value management solutions, allowing your business to gradually provide improved services to your customers with up to date technology. In order for salons to remain successful amongst fierce competition, customer satisfaction and retention is key. 

OnePIN’s Digital Assistant creates opportunities for customers to carry your brand on their mobile devices right in their pockets, allowing your business to reach them at the right moment. With no app downloads needed and 100% reach on all phones, OnePIN’s top screen and contextual notifications elevate the customer experience and add to your salon’s revenue.