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Social Networking Watch: Feyzi Celik, CEO of OnePIN Interview


SNW INTERVIEW — Jan 17 — OnePIN was the most interesting company I came across at the Social Networking Conference in Amsterdam. I interviewed OnePIN’s CEO, Feyzi Celik. – Mark Brooks

What is your background?
I was the CEO of the North American Division of Koç Group, currently a $35 billion business. I was meeting a lot of people, getting […]

Cell phone capabilities expanded


Westboro firm links phone books


January 7, 2009 – WESTBORO — Feyzi Celik recalls trying to organize a desk drawer awash in business cards while working at a company in his native Turkey. Years later, with advanced degrees in engineering and business from Massachusetts institutions, his ideas for simplifying […]

Unlocking the Value of the Mobile Phonebook


By TMCnet Special Guest
Chris DeGrace, Vice President, Products and Alliances, OnePIN, Inc.

November 25, 2008 – People carry their mobile phone wherever they go because they’ve become used to the freedom to communicate with whomever, whenever they want. What is the first step every mobile phone user takes when making a call, aside from turning […]

OnePIN Eyes Social Networking App for Mobile Devices in Emerging Markets


By Michael Dinan, TMCnet Editor

Seeking to bring social networking features to mobile phones in nations where the devices are expected to keep selling well, a Westborough, Massachusetts-based company today is hailing its flagship application as a way to connect end-users around the world.

Officials at OnePIN say they want “CallerXchange” to gain traction in emerging markets that may lack […]

OnePIN Expands to Istanbul, Sao Paulo and Paris


By David Sims, TMCnet Contributing Editor

October 22, 2008 – Boston-based OnePIN, which sells social address book products for mobile operators, has announced the opening of offices in Brazil, France and Turkey to service its CallerXchange person-to-person contact exchange service.

CallerXchange is a product used to build social networks on mobile phones. Subscribers can exchange contact […]

OnePIN’s mobile social tech embedded in GSM-compatible SIM cards

By Efrain Viscarolasaga

October 17, 2008 – OnePIN Inc. may be the most far-reaching mobile social networking technology maker that you’ve never heard of.

Since it started shipping product in 2007, Westborough-based OnePIN has deployed its mobile contact sharing and social networking platform with more than 65 service operators — but just one of those carriers operates in North […]

The Ultimate Social Network


By Chris DeGrace

October 13, 2008 – It’s no surprise that text messaging is the most requested feature on mobile phones. In fact, the top 5 most popular features listed in a recent Amplitude Research survey are pretty understandable given the evolution of mobile technology in the past 5 years:

text messaging (73%)
camera (67%)
e-mail (63%)
Internet (61%)
music […]

CallerXchange Featured in Gemalto’s Vodafone Newsletter

Maximizing the Value of the Phonebook

The phonebook is at the center of all mobile communications. Voice calls, SMS, mobile emails and mobile Instant Messaging all emanate from the phonebook – so if mobile operators are going to be more than bandwidth providers in the future, they need to ensure they own and enhance the […]

Come Back SIMAlliance Conference


May 14, 2007 – The SIMposium 2007 conference was held in Berlin from April 24-25, 2007 where Phillipe Jeudy was participating. The SIM card industry followed the growth of the mobile industry, according to figures’ communicated by SIMAlliance: 1.2 billion SIM cards were delivered in 2005, between 1.9 and 2 billion in 2006, and […]

Orange Dominicana Launches New Contact Management Service

Source: Caribbean
Contacts Exchange Enables Subscribers to Stay Connected by Automating the Exchange and Maintenance of Up-to-Date Contact Information
SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, May 14, 2007 – Orange Dominicana, pioneering in GSM technology in the Dominican Republic , Announced the launch of a new contact management service for all its mobile phone subscribers.   The new service, called Contacts Exchange, will enable Orange Automatically subscribers […]